Writer and Director FACE2FACE Feature Film, University of Surrey/Touchbook Productions, currently in post-production

Writer Wild Lands Short Film, Dir: Fabio R. Youniss, Dirty Negative Films. (Commissioned)


Tender (Working Title) Feature Film, Produced by Adrian Annis and Vanessa Mayfield (Commissioned)

Writer and Director
Seas of Titan Feature Film, in collaboration with WhoSaid! Films.

Writer The Blue Train Feature Film, Fireback Films (Commissioned)

Be Me Feature Film, Fireback Films (Commissioned)

Time for Action Feature Film, Fireback Films (Commissioned)

Sonny’s Last Supper Short Film, Dirty Negative Films (Commissioned)


The City Pilot, Drama, Donkey Productions

Sleepers Comedy Series, Donkey Productions
Pilot long listed for
BAFTA Rocliffe New Writing Forum, 2010

Helen Doodle Children’s Series, Donkey Productions/Shuck Animation

FACE2FACE (Currently in Post-Production)

A socially awkward office worker creates a fake Facebook girlfriend in an attempt to make himself more popular. All goes well until his new 'girlfriend' takes on a life of her own.


A serial killer who uses online dating to find unfaithful husbands for her victims is forced to face her past when she falls in love with one of her targets.

DONNA4EVA (shortlisted for David Lean Award)

A bittersweet comedy drama about a fifteen year old girl and a lot of money.

Donna, a quick witted dreamer living on a council estate is coming to the end of her school days and has to face the reality of life as an adult. When an elderly widow dies and leaves Donna hundreds of thousands of pounds to be spent on the local community her life suddenly takes an unexpected twist; finding new enemies, new horizons and a new her. 


Two desperate independent journalists risk their relationship and their lives in the pursuit of a serial killer in London's East End.


An ex-quantum physicist is struggling to continue his existence in society. The strains of his monotonous job and his crumbling relationship with his wife drive him back towards his secret past. With the help of the mysterious Professor, he is able to reconstruct the machine that once before led to his downfall.


A day in the breakdown of a dysfunctional couple’s marriage.

As Peter begins to rise higher and higher in his advertising company he begins to lose sight of his life with his wife Kristina. On the day of their last ‘fuck’ Kristina finds out about the affair Peter is having with a model, Giselle. In a series of flashbacks and direct confrontations, their whole marriage is laid bare before. As Peter begins to realise that his rise in materialistic power has led him to be satisfied by superficial people and objects, he starts to see Kristina as the only truth left in his life. However, as Kristina begins to truly see Peter for the shallow businessman he is, she remembers how she turned down the offer of a deeper truth with an artist, William. Finally she takes control of her life and leaves Peter empty and lonely, rising up and falling down.


A cross section of London life in the minority community centred round a South London hospital. A doctor, whose father was killed in race riots, reluctantly vows revenge. A wannabe comedian nurse tries to rescue a trafficked prostitute. And not least, there’s a serial killer on the loose.


A time travelling revenge thriller set in the near future. A quantum physicist, whose wife was killed in a terrorist attack by Christian fundamentalists, uses his machine to travel back in time to assassinate Jesus in an attempt to destroy the religion. On arriving in Jerusalem he soon gets embroiled in tangled web of lies, deceit and espionage.

THE CITY (co-written with Helen Webster)

The City, set in the aftermath of the banking system collapse, tells the story of how four ‘friends’ come to terms with the crisis both personally and professionally.


ANOTHER LONDON (as part of a PhD Creative Writing at the University of Surrey)

A novel investigating white working class experience and its representation in an age of multiculturalism drawing on key parallel events of the last twenty five years.

(adapted from the radio play)

Tangier Sepia

Tangier in the last few years of World War II is a hotbed of outlaws, spies, treachery and secrets. Heinrich, a German dentist masquerading as a Jewish refugee, flees the Nazis and sets up his new life and business in Tangier’'s New Ghetto, quickly falling in love with the daughter of his Italian Landlord. Everything is turned upside down with the arrival of a deserter from the German Army, who brings with him dark secrets from the past. Driven by fear, lust, greed and regret, Heinrich is blackmailed into joining an illegal art dealing ring and is soon embroiled in the Tangier underground. When the illegal merchandise changes from paintings to people, it leads him on a downward spiral to the truth of his past and the final redemption that he seeks.